Stud Grenzland

Stud Grenzland

Our stud is situated in the Southern part of Germany, in the border trangle area just a few kilometres from the Swiss-French boarder.


The stud is based on a purely agricultural enterprise. Large pastures directly adjacent to the stud offer the best opportunities for breeding and rearing. A year-round access to runs in a mixed-age herd guarantee a positive social behaviour and an ideal development of the horses. 


We offer a comprehensive service under professional supervision to breeders. In addition to the reproduction centre and the stud integrated veterinary practice, the stud has several individual accommodation facilities on its disposal, from individual stalls to keeping of groups  with runs as well as observed foaling stalls. 

We can provide you with the complete package - from insemination to the trained prospect.




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Dr. med. vet. Carmen Vogt  

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Dr. med. vet. Carmen Vogt   Hans Brändlin   Daniel Vogt   Hans-Dieter ,,Hansi" Dreher 
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